Vaccines and Your Health

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Do You Know The Signs Of Penile Cancer?

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Penile cancer can develop due to cells on or in the penis mutating, and without prompt treatment, this type of cancer can quickly spread into the surrounding tissues. The cause of penile cancer is not yet fully understood, but researchers believe there are some risk factors that can increase your chance of developing this type of cancer. These risk factors include smoking, having the human papillomavirus, having a weakened immune system and being in the elderly population category. Read More»

Rehabilitation after Injury: Physiotherapy Tips for Complete Recovery

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Proper rehabilitation through therapy is crucial after sustaining injuries. Therefore, if your doctor has recommended this form of help for you, you should plan on consulting a qualified physiotherapist. Keep in mind that if the affected part of your body is not retrained after the initial treatment, you might not recover full usage, including full mobility. Moreover, you could experience lingering pain and aches due to the underlying strain. If you have never gone through physiotherapy before, use these basic guidelines for good results. Read More»