Vaccines and Your Health

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What Happens When You Visit An Obstetrician For A Cervical Smear?

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A cervical smear, also commonly referred to as a pap smear, is an examination carried out by an obstetrician on the female reproductive system. This screening is critical for all women to ascertain that their reproductive system is healthy and to check for early symptoms of cancer and other diseases. This article delves in what you can expect when you visit your obstetrician for a cervical smear. A physical examination of the internal and external organs Read More»

3 Common Causes of Knee Pain in Runners

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“Runner’s knee” is one of the main injuries that runners experience. If you have pain in your knees during or after running, it is important to find out what is causing the discomfort and resolve it before it develops into a serious injury. Ask yourself whether one of these three common reasons for knee pain associated with running could apply to you. 1. Old Shoes The padding on the bottom of running shoes cushions the impact of every step you take. Read More»

5 Early Warning Signs of Hypothyroidism

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You’ve probably heard of hypothyroidism, but you might not actually know what it involves. Essentially, people suffering from hypothyroidism have a thyroid gland that doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. That hormone is responsible for controlling your metabolism and energy balance, so the lack of it results in several recognizable symptoms. At later stages, you can suffer anything from a slow heart rate to hearing loss, but most people are able to recognize that something is wrong and get treated by a family doctor on the gold coast or in their local area before those more extreme symptoms present themselves. Read More»

Why Your Smoking Habit Could Lead to Hidden and Potentially Serious Complications

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Do you wish that you could finally kick the tobacco habit after many years of trying? You may be aware that it has caused you to suffer from high blood pressure already and may be at the root of other illness or disease. Yet when you smoke and have blood pressure issues, did you know that you may be at risk of developing a very serious condition known as an aortic aneurysm? Read More»

3 Actions You Should Take if You Think You've Ever Been Exposed to Asbestos

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When asbestos was still widely used in various manufacturing and construction industries, many people were exposed to the airborne fibres. This could happen because you worked in a job that involved its use, you lived nearby, or it was used in your home. Asbestos was banned a few decades ago, but anyone who inhaled fibres at the time is still at risk from problems developing. As asbestos still exists in some old buildings, people who work in them can still become exposed without protective equipment. Read More»

How To Maintain Your Physical Wellbeing

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Physical wellness, as defined by UC Davis, involves taking care of our bodies through nutrition, fitness and mental wellbeing. There are many aspects of it, which are easy to forget about in times of stress, or when you are busy. This brief article aims to explain how to maintain physical wellbeing. Look At Your Diet One of the most important aspects of physical wellness is eating a healthy, balanced diet that gives you all the nutrients you need. Read More»

An Overview of Care Options in Retirement Villages

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Retirement villages offer an alternative to moving into a care home and are aimed at those who want to live in a community and receive some form of support but don’t wish to give up their independence or living in a home of their own. Retirement villages typically consist of several types of property, such as bungalows and apartments, and have a range of on-site facilities, such as restaurants, swimming pools, shops and fitness classes. Read More»

What to Expect from Community Based Disability Care

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If you are living with disability, you may be able to engage a wide range of disability care services to make life easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilling. The types of care you choose to access will vary greatly, depending on your needs and preferences, as well as what’s available in your area. If you’re wondering what kind of community-based disability care services are available, here’s a general guide to get you started. Read More»