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An Overview of Care Options in Retirement Villages

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Retirement villages offer an alternative to moving into a care home and are aimed at those who want to live in a community and receive some form of support but don't wish to give up their independence or living in a home of their own. Retirement villages typically consist of several types of property, such as bungalows and apartments, and have a range of on-site facilities, such as restaurants, swimming pools, shops and fitness classes.

Some residents will be able to live completely independently, while others will require help with personal care or household tasks. The level of care on offer will vary by retirement village. Here's an overview of common care options available for those considering moving into a retirement village:

Home Help

A home help service can be provided to relieve you of household tasks, such as cleaning, ironing and cooking. Home help carers can also go grocery shopping and collect your prescription. This type of care provision is ideal for those who are fit and healthy and simply want to free up some time and energy to do the fun things in life. You don't need to be home when your home help carer is working if you don't want to be, and you can choose to have this type of support on a weekly or daily basis.

Personal Care

If you have mobility issues or health problems that are interfering with your ability to remain completely independent, a personal care package might work well for you. This service provides assistance with bathing, dressing and medication adherence. If you have a medical appliance, such as a colostomy, that you require help with, a personal carer with relevant training will be assigned to you. This care option may also be right for you if you require support to attend medical appointments.

Emergency Support

An emergency support service can give you peace of mind, as it offers access to a care team 24-hours a day. A call system is fitted in your home and you can wear a call button around your neck like a necklace, which will allow you to get help if you have a fall or become ill. When you activate the alarm on your call system, a member of the care team will try to contact you to see what assistance you need, and they will come to your home to check on you if they can't reach you by phone.

Many retirement villages can provide the same care options you would have access to in a nursing home, but you can scale your care provision up or down to suit your unique needs. You'll need to consider whether living in a ready-made community is the right fit for you, but having your own front door and the flexibility to change the level of support you receive as your needs change is a draw for many people moving into retirement.