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How to prepare for a skin cancer check

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The key to a successful outcome for skin cancer is early detection, so you should have a skin cancer check if you are in any way worried. Here is how you can prepare for your test.

Get to know your skin

Firstly, it is always useful if you know what your skin is like to begin with. Make sure you already know the position and size of any moles so you will know when anything has changed. If you find any particular issues, such as a new mole or one that has grown in size, you can mark it on your skin before going to the checkup. The doctor will examine all your skin,  but it will be helpful if you can draw attention to any particular issues. After all, most problems are detected by the patients themselves, although doctors can detect smaller and less obvious issues.

Get your medical history

You may be given a form to fill in before your appointment detailing your medical history. If this is so, you should fill it in in good time. Otherwise, you should make sure you have a rough idea of your medical history, particularly if any member of your family has had skin cancer before.

Prepare your skin

Your skin should be clean and clear when you go to your appointment. You should not wear any make-up or nail polish and should not use any fake tan for a few weeks before the checkup, as it can alter the appearance of any spots. It's also a good idea to shave any areas of concern that have a lot of hair, although you should not wax your skin in the week before the appointment in case it causes any minor damage.

Bring any previous reports

If you have previously had a checkup at another clinic, it can be very useful to bring the reports, regardless of the outcome. If you have previously had skin cancer, the pathology report will be extremely useful to the new clinic, and if you have had any spots or moles photographed as part of a monitoring process, the new clinic will be able to use these photographs to compare with the current condition of your skin and see if anything has changed.

Good preparation will ensure that your skin cancer check is as effective as possible, which is, in turn, the foundation of a positive outcome. Visit a skin cancer clinic for a skin cancer check.